Dress Up Dilemma Wall Decal


The dressing room or the boutique should always have an appropriate wall decor and this Dress Up Dilemma Wall Decal can be the ideal wall adornment for those places. Its offbeat look with a trendy style makes it a wonderful addition to the décor plan.

SMALL   :- 22 X 24 - IN INCHES
LARGE   :- 44 X 48 - IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 1,035.72

If you are searching for the perfect decor addition for a dressing room, boutique or a women’s apparel store, then we have the apt wall art for you. This gorgeous and eye catching wall decor accessory will give a twist to the decor scheme making it more thrilling in look. Wall decals are the modern and pocket friendly way of giving a personalised touch to any home, office, show room or hotel interiors. This wall decal is simple to install and maintain. Choose from the range of colours and sizes below and jazz up the decor style.

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