Elegant Female Dancer Wall Decal


Our Elegant Female Dancer Wall Decal will steal the spotlight in any room it is mounted in. This design illustrates a graceful female dancer in a seated pose and her arms delicately placed overhead. This decal is the perfect way to add a sweet, feminine finishing touch to your walls that is also impossible to miss.


SMALL :- 24 X 22

MEDIUM :- 26 X 24

LARGE :- 48 X 44

675 Items

Rs. 450.00

Treat your home to a beautiful new piece of art with our striking Elegant Female Dancer Wall Decal. This design features a delicate female dancer in a calm seated position and her slender arms are held overheard. Graceful and dainty, this decal will perfectly fit a girlish decorating style. Ships in 2 business days. This decal is available in a variety of sizes and colors for a custom design.

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