Beautiful Ballet Dancer Design Wall Decal


Our beautiful Elegant Dancer Wall Decal will add grace and style to any wall. This female dancer is designed in a stunning arabesque position with classical arms, while her skirt flows around her. Details including a tight bun and perfect pointed toes complete this look as a realistic silhouette any tiny dancer will adore.


MEDIUM :- 24 X 24

LARGE :- 48 X 48

450 Items

Rs. 500.00

Your dreams of being a prima ballerina can jetonto your walls with our Elegant Dancer Wall Decal. This beautiful design features a female dancer mid-arabesque, including classical arms, a flowing costume, and realistic hair and pointed toes. The perfect decoration for your own little ballerinas bedroom, this design will inspire her artistic side. All Kakshyaachitra decals are removable and do not leave any mark on the wall for easy redecorating. Ships in 2 business days.

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