Guitar Wall Decal


The music lovers will simply go gaga over this trendy Yellow Guitar Wall Decal from our wide range of collection. The intricately designed guitar has an interesting look and will add a zing to any dark coloured wall.


SMALL = 6'' X 24''

MEDIUM = 13'' X 36''

LARGE = 18" X 48"

675 Items

Rs. 478.68

Modern homes demand a trendy decor style and we bring you a pocket friendly way to add a classy look to your room decor scheme. This trendy and chic Guitar Wall Decal will be a fantastic addition to the decor scheme of ardent music lovers who like to flaunt their taste through the room decor accessories. The decal is easy to install and within minutes you will get an attractive look on that blank wall of yours. The pocket friendly decor accessory is available in different sizes\, please check below and choose the one that suits your requirements. It is easy to peel off too and won’t leave any mark behind. That’s great for people who have a knack of changing their decor style often!

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