Baby in bathtub wall decal


Babies love their bath and some babies hate bathing maybe because they have a fear for water. To bring some joy in the bath select this Baby in bathtub wall decal. This design will become the bathing partner of your kid and the fear of water will be lost. Select suitable colors and sizes.

SMALL:- 24 X 19 - INCHES

MEDIUM :- 31 X 24 - INCHES

LARGE:- 48 X 38 - INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 909.33

Kakshyaachitra are leading manufacturers of wall decals in India. Our wall decals are made from the best indoor decor material in the world. Shipped in 2 business days alongwith a small sample decal and installation manual on how to install a wall decal. Made from German vinyl, the wall art is easy to install on any smooth surface and it also peels off easily without leaving any residue behind. Choose your preferred colour from the list provided and revamp the boring walls.

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