Whats Cooking Wall Decal


Do not ignore the kitchen walls when you plan to revamp the indoor décor style of your home next time. This innovative What’s Cooking Wall Decal can be used creatively to spice up the overall decoration scheme. The wall art is ideal for the wall close to your stove top and will make a meaningful addition to the space.

S :- 18" X 24"
M :- 24" X 30"
L :- 36" X 48"

675 Items

Rs. 865.71

When styling up the entire house, even the kitchen needs consideration. Give the cooking space a new style quotient buy installing this chic What’s Cooking Wall Decal. The utensil on the stove top with steam escaping through the lid will be the perfect wall art for the space. Do not let the bare walls spoil the mood! Choose wisely and make a difference to the decor scheme.

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