Blessed Birch Wall Decal


Create a fantastic look in any room with the feeling of wilderness and tall trees with this Blessed Birch Wall Decal. The tall and sleek trees with coloured leaves will revamp the look of any space instantly making it more pleasing and delightful.

SMALL   :-   48 X 72 - IN INCHES
MEDIUM :-  60 X 96 - IN INCHES
LARGE   :- 72 X 120 - IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 6,150.54

If you desire to give the room a breezy look, without a second thought invest in this Blessed Birch Wall Decal. The pretty trees have an enchanting freshness which will swipe the boredom and user in freshness in the décor scheme. The modern wall decor accent is long lasting and is suited for indoor purpose. It has been crafted from German vinyl that is high in quality. The wall decal is accompanied by an installation guide which provides step by step guidance. To choose the right size and colour that matches your wall see the list provided.

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