Lord Buddha Wall Decal


Lord Buddha has given us various preaching's and helped us to live our life in a correct way. When you will see the decal everyday, it will remind you about the preaching's of Lord Buddha. They are very positive and these preaching's help us in all walks of our life.

SMALL :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

MEDIUM :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

LARGE :-- 48 X 48 -- IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 1,117.36

Lord Buddha is known as Gautama. One of his famous teaching is 'No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again'. Buy this inspiring wall mural of Lord Buddha which will inspire you about His teachings. This wall mural is available in various sizes and colors. It can be easily washed and repositioned as per our need. You can even remove it at a later date. It comes with free manual and it's easy to install. When ordered the wall mural will be shipped at your doorstep in 2 business days.

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