Buddha Wall Decal


Buddha wall mural is for your living room walls if you love the preaching's and saying of Lord Buddha. This is the famous wall art for your living room. This premium wall mural is best for smooth surfaces with no dust and it can be washed any number of times with no damage to it.

SMALL :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

MEDIUM :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

LARGE :-- 48 X 48 -- IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 1,117.36

Buddha is one of the avatar's of Lord Vishnu. Lord Buddha is worshiped in the same way, the way we worship Lord Krishna. This wall mural when placed on the wall will remind you about worshipping God everyday. The wall decal is available in different colors and sizes. The decal will be shipped to your doorstep within 2 business days when ordered.

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