Decorative Lantern Wall Decal


Decorative Lantern wall decal contains sticks with leaves scattered around. It has hanging lantern over it. The other decorative items on the wall mural adds more beauty to the decal. Buy this mesmerizing wall mural for your home walls to make your home look more beautiful and elegant.

SMALL :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

MEDIUM :-- 24 X 24 -- IN INCHES

LARGE :-- 48 X 48 -- IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 1,117.36

Hanging lantern is the decorative piece for the festive occasion. Lanterns teach us to be bright and beautiful all through the life. This artistic wall mural is of premium quality and can be easily installed. It comes with a free manual. It can be washed any number of times. It can also be removed and repositioned. Within seconds you can bring out different design on the wall using this wall mural. You can also opt for your favorite color and place it on the wall.

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