Hanging Lanterns Wall Decal


Lanterns are the most delighting wall decors which we place on the walls to make our walls look more elegant and beautiful. Sometimes we need a little magic & that comes through lanterns. Kcwalldecals offers beautiful lanterns wall decals which can be placed on the walls.


SMALL :- 24 X 16

MEDIUM :- 37 X 24

LARGE :- 48 X 31

675 Items

Rs. 370.00

The Lanterns are the Lanterns of Hope.  Lanterns teach us to always forgive, but never forget. Learn from mistakes, but never regret. Lanterns say don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits. So buy this wall decal to bring enlightenment in your life. This wall mural is available in different colors and sizes. You can easily remove or reposition the decal whenever you like. It is easy to apply and can be washed at convenience. When ordered it will be shipped at your doorstep in 2 business days.

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