Delicate Flamenco Dancer Wall Decal


This Delicate Flamenco Dancer Wall Decal is so light and airy, she looks ready to float across your walls. This lovely lady strikes a dramatic pose with her fan while her skirt billows around her at the bottom. A contemporary take on an iconic style, this design is feminine and chic.


SMALL :- 16 X 24

MEDIUM :- 24 X 37

LARGE :- 31 X 48

675 Items

Rs. 370.00

Lighten up any space with our beautiful Delicate Flamenco Dancer Wall Decal. This design features a dainty female flamenco dancer in a bold, unforgettable pose. With her fan overhead and skirt billowing around her, this señorita looks ready to gracefully glide across any wall she is mounted on. This decal is available in a variety of sizes and colors for a custom design. Ships in 2 business days.

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