Dainty Spanish Dancer Wall Decal


Find the señorita of your dreams in our Dainty Spanish Dancer Wall Decal. This delicate dancer dramatically swings her skirt while striking an unforgettable pose. Sleek and sexy, this lovely lady is sure to sweep you off your feet.


SMALL :- 16 X 24

MEDIUM :- 24 X 37

LARGE :- 31 X 48

675 Items

Rs. 370.00

Add drama and character to any room with our striking Dainty Spanish Dancer Wall Decal. In this design, a feminine señorita boldly swings her skirt as she strikes the perfect finishing pose. With its stunning silhouette style, this decal will be a sleek, sexy, and contemporary addition to any decor. This decal comes with an installation manual and a small sample decal. This decal is available in a variety of sizes and colors for a custom design.

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