Free Style Dance Wall Decal


Dare to be bold with this striking Free Style Dance Wall Decal. Thanks to it’s stylish silhouette design, this female dancer’s perfect passé jump is put on center stage. Creative and free-spirited, this decal is sure to delight the dancer in your life.


SMALL :- 19 X 24

MEDIUM :- 24 X 31

LARGE :- 38 X 48

675 Items

Rs. 370.00

Let design take center stage with this beautiful Jumping Dancer Wall Decal. This design features a graceful female dancer at the peak of her perfect passé jump, while the silhouette style accentuates her clean lines. Great for adding a personal touch to any wall space, this decal is bold and full of energy. This decal is available in a variety of sizes and colors for a custom design. Ships in 2 business days.

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