Sexy Belly Dancer Wall Decal


This Sexy Belly Dancer Wall Decal is sure to be the life of the party in any room. Drawn mid-dance, this elegant dancer flaunts her skills in full belly dancer dress. Feminine and delicate but also bold, this decal will spice up any space.

SMALL :-- 8 X 24 -- IN INCHES

MEDIUM :-- 24 X 77 -- IN INCHES

LARGE :-- 48 X 154 -- IN INCHES

675 Items

Rs. 502.20

Transport yourself to a whole new world with our striking Sexy Belly Dancer Wall Decal. This gorgeous female dancer is dressed in a complete belly dancer costume complete with accessories. Drawn in an eye-catching pose which shows-off her delicate, feminine lines, this design will add style and flair to any wall. Ships in 2 business days. This decal comes with an installation manual and a small sample decal.

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