Swami Vivekananda Portrait Wall Decal


Grace your walls with our beautiful Swami Vivekananda Portrait Wall Decal for an elegant effect. This piece features the iconic monk in his traditional headwear, appearing as pensive and thoughtful as ever. Perfect for adding a polished finishing touch to any home, this decal easily fits into a worldly, eclectic style.


SMALL :- 16 X 24

MEDIUM :- 24 X 35

LARGE :- 33 X 48

675 Items

Rs. 370.00

Celebrate one of the most famous names in Hinduism with our lovely Swami Vivekananda Portrait Wall Decal. This decal features Vivekananda’s classic portrait in a close-up headshot style. Complete with traditional headwear and his all-knowing, thoughtful gaze, this design is sleek, elegant, and timeless. Ships in 2 business days. This decal comes with an installation manual and a small sample decal.

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