When we think of renovating our home, we often think of something which would make our walls look attractive, beautiful and amazing in terms of colors, design and also how well it suits with our home interior decor.

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Often we find various options for the wall decor. We may decorate the walls with wall hangings, cartoons pictures, newspaper articles, famous celebrity pictures, etc. But the most attractive and trendy way to decorate the walls of your home is by installing wall decals on your home walls.

Whether you think of adding decor to the wall of your kids room, your bedroom or any other place you may think off, wall decals are available for all the rooms and for all occasions. Kcwalldecals offers wall decals ranging from cartoon characters, musical instruments, and traditional wall decals to any other idea of decals in your mind which can be made real.

After describing the beauty of wall decals, we would like to mention that home owners often get trapped with the wall stickers which are cheaper than wall decals and may face various consequences, as we know that 'Expensive items last for long, whereas cheaper items are just for today.'

The awesome features offered by wall decals over wall stickers are:


  1.        The Elegant Look

Wall decals are often purchased to increase the attractiveness of the walls and make the walls look elegant. Kcwalldecals offers exclusive range of wall decals which when placed on the walls, gel with the walls and the viewer may not recognize the wall decal to be different from the actual wall design. On the other hand, when we place the wall stickers on the walls, they may easily turn out to be visible to the user and often they come out themselves with time. The delightful feeling which the customer may get by placing wall decals is difficult to achieve with wall stickers. With wall stickers things don't turn out to be smoother, compromising with the aesthetic value of the design.

  1.        Light, Flawless and Flexible

Wall decals are not cumbersome and are very flexible to use. They are light weight when compared with wall stickers. When you take a wall decal and try to install it on the wall, you hardly experience any weight of the decal and it gets installed on the wall flawlessly. Things are different with wall stickers. The sticker once installed or placed on the wall, it would be difficult to remove it, since it would also remove some wall paint, making the wall look ugly. On the other hand, if you try to remove dirt or dust from the stickers, they are ready to come out of the wall and fall on your hands. Many times it happens, that you try to remove the sticker, it comes out only half way, remaining half would resist from getting detached from the wall. Whereas wall decals are installed in such a way that you can remove them, anytime you want and also wash or clean them without any harm to the wall or decal. Also we can assure you, that your guests would often mistake the designs as paintings rather than something that's been fixed externally.


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  1.        Extensive Collection of Wall decals

When you think of variety, wall decals should be the first choice. Wall decals are available in different designs and sizes. Kcwalldecals provide wall decals ranging from motivational quotes decals for your living room, to romantic quotes decals for your bedroom, to cartoon characters decals for your kids room, etc. Wall decals fit perfect for different needs of the user. On the other hand, when you think of placing wall stickers on the walls of your home, you will be provided option of wider multicolored range of designs which may suit your current need, but not the changing requirements in future. Wall stickers as they are difficult to remove, may also resist the user from purchasing any new wall sticker to be placed on the walls.


  1.        Longevity

We all look for products which last for long and are durable and easy to maintain. Keeping this mantra in mind, Kcwalldecalshave made products in wide range which suit this requirement of the user. Wall decals when placed on the walls do not gather dust and in case if you feel that there is a layer on it, you can just wipe it off with the cloth to make it look as good as new. We have customers who have installed wall decals from last 4 years and they still say that the designs look as bright as always even today. Moreover wall decals are water resistant too. So there is no chance of the decal getting destroyed if accidently water is sprayed on it leading to no signs of wear and tear. The wall sticker on the other side, do not resist dust and water. So even though the wall sticker is not placed on the walls for long, it will still look dull and indifferent from the one you must have purchased few months back. Now that's where the real different lies between cheaper and expensive products.


  1.        The Perfect Edge

Wall stickers no matter how expensive and superior in quality, they come with a border which distinguishes them from the wall on which they are placed. They are as good as placing a picture on the wall, which can get damaged anytime, any day.  On the other hand, wall decals are made with precision and have that perfect edge without making it obvious that it has been placed externally on the walls. The material of the wall decal merges with the surface of the wall adding to its decor. Once the wall decal is been placed on the wall, what one sees is the smooth painting on the wall surface. This is possible because wall decals are made with the single layer whereas the wall stickers have an extra layer of lamination.